General Maintenance

Property Management
Our Property Management Services

At Atlantic Realty Inc. we endeavour to provide our clients with a comprehensive property management service. We currently manage properties over the entire island of Barbados for a wide range of clients both locally based and overseas.

Finding a Tenant

Through this web site,, print advertisements in local newspapers, and extensive contacts with other companies within the real estate industry in Barbados,  Atlantic Realty Inc. is perfectly positioned to find a tenant for any property, both residential or commercial.

Inventory Management

We prepare an exhaustive list of inventory in every property at the beginning of every tenancy and ensure that all items, no matter how small are accounted for at the end of the tenancy.

Rent Collection

At Atlantic Realty Inc. we take collection of rent very seriously as our landlords have often spent considerable resources to prepare properties for occupancy. We make it our business to ensure that they get a significant return on their investment


At Atlantic Realty Inc. we prepare a monthly report of all income and expenses and submit it to the landlord. In addition we maintain a separate bank account for each property. Landlords are therefore never in the dark as to the status of viability of their property


At Atlantic Realty Inc. caries out inspections of each property on a regular basis as stipulated in every tenancy agreement we prepare. In the event that any remedial work is required we are sure to act on it immediately. This policy also allows to keep track of how the tenant is treating the property and to take appropriate action as specified in the tenancy agreement.

General Maintenance

At Atlantic Realty Inc. we have a dedicated list of maintenance personnel on call to deal with any maintenance issue that may arise. We leave a list of these personnel with tenants so they can have direct contact should the need arise.


All properties require an upgrade from time to time to ensure that they offer good value for money to prospective tenants, and offer all of the up to date amenities that make a property desirable. At Atlantic Realty Inc. we use our experience in managing properties and our knowledge of the trends in the industry to make sure that all property owners are aware of what can be done to remain competitive. We prepare cost estimates, select contractors, and supervise construction to ensure that work is done to schedule and with good workmanship

Major Repairs and Upgrades

With the assistance of our sister company Atlantic Engineering Inc, Atlantic Realty Inc. can carry out major repairs or additions to any property including structural evaluations, preparation of cost estimates, selection of contractors, supervision of construction work, and submitting an application for planning approval where necessary